Keeping Connected Remotely Needn’t Be A Chore

December 3rd, 2015

kcrTELECOMMUTING IS ON THE RISE, and software manufacturers are making sure that their remote access software can handle the traffic. It’s no coincidence that market leader Symantec’s revenues in the first quarter of this year leapt nearly 40 percent over last year’s numbers. With the new features built into today’s remote access programs, people who need to run more than one computer can’t afford not to buy in.

Looking for security? How about software that automatically calls you back when you dial in to prevent anyone else from getting access? Want a program that’s easy to use? How about a view of your other computer’s screen that’s so real you may forget you’re not sitting at that desk?

“Remote access as an idea has hit …

Encryption Is More Than Just Security – It’s Safety

November 26th, 2015

eimtjpIF YOU’RE LIKE MOST PEOPLE, YOU wouldn’t dream of going to bed without making sure the front door is locked. And yet chances are you send sensitive information across the Internet without the slightest regard for security.

“If you e-mail something like a business plan or a legal negotiation, you’re playing with fire if you don’t use encryption,” says Mark Levitt, director of research at International Data Corp., a Framingham, Mass., research firm. It adds a step to the e-mail process, but for some home-based workers, it’s worth it.

In general, encryption software scrambles your e-mail, making it unreadable to anyone other than the intended party. Many popular e-mail programs–including Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express–have basic built-in encryption, but it’s not hacker-proof and it’s not …

IMing Has Changed Drastically

November 24th, 2015

imTHE FRIENDLY CHIRP OF AN INCOMING MESSAGE IS music to the ears of any home-based worker hoping to stay in touch. Instant messages–the equivalent of an online chat in which two or more people communicate in real time by typing back and forth–offer substantial benefits: You don’t have to pick up the phone to ask a quick question. You can drop in on a client or coworker even if you’re at home. You can communicate cheaply on the road or even overseas. You don’t have to wait for a client to check her e-mail. And, best of all, you get the software for free.

That’s why increasing numbers of work-at-homers are starting to see instant messaging, or IM, as more than just a chatty pastime …

Is A Guestbook A Key To Customer Conversation?

November 21st, 2015

iagbkYour Web site is up and running, but are you interacting with visitors? Adding something as simple as a guest book–an area where users can sign in and volunteer comments and suggestions for your site–gives you a way to offer an entertaining, interactive feature that not only racks up hits, but helps you collect valuable market data and sales leads.

Jack Leigh, a photographer in Savannah, Ga., whose work graced the recent bestseller Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, couldn’t agree more. His Southern Images Gallery site includes a simple guest-book feature. “Because of the interest in the book, the movie, Savannah in general, and my cover image, we’re getting a tremendous response to the site,” Leigh says. “And the guest book …

Types Of Hard Drive Clicking Noises

November 19th, 2015

There is the need to identify the normal and abnormal hard drive clicking noises. It will make you to know when to worry and when not to. Some of the normal sounds include a whining noise because of a drive spin up. This is a normal noise to show that the drive is spinning properly and no need for cause of alarm. Another common sound is when the drive clicks which is more of a tapping sound whenever a person tries to access data on a drive. Hard drive clicking noise we hear when the drive is coming back from a hibernation or a standby mode.

However, things can be different when the hard drive clicking noises turn to be repeated and grinding. A normal click sound will be heard occasionally but there are those that happen every minute. This should now make you feel there is the need to have the drive checked. The same goes when the normal whining sound becomes high-pitched. This simply means that there is an abnormal functioning of the hard drive. The external drive clicking might be accompanied by beeping on every connection. This beeping is trying to show that there is a problem with the drive. Sometimes, the external drive might not be visible on your PC at all. Some noises are highly symptomatic of hard drive failure or crash. Some server hard drive crash tips can be read here.

Care Of A Hard Disk After The Recovery Process

People spend a lot of money repairing their hard drives every day but some of the causes can be easily being prevented. Most hard disk recovery companies will give you a few tips on how to take care of your hard disk after a recovery process. It is all about the care of your laptop or PC. Sometimes people can hit their PC out of frustration because of something else. If the PC was on, the hard drive is likely to face some serious damage. The same applies to laptops that are dropped more often. With time, it will be impossible to do a hard drive recovery process on the drive because the disks are worn out. This is due to the frequent dropping.

Always contact a good hard drive recovery company if the hard disk seems to be slow after the recovery process. In addition, it could be that the drive is still showing signs of failure. Most hard drives will give you that message of the drive might be failing soon. Start by creating a backup of your data and send the drive back for more repairs. Read the rest of this entry »

The Best Telecommuting Opportunities

November 13th, 2015

tcThree million people now “telecommute” to company jobs from their homes an average two to four days a week, and studies show that millions more want to join them. Telecommuting can be a win-win proposition for you and your company. You gain flexibility and freedom, and reduce stress. Your company keeps a valuable employee who is happier and more productive than ever.

In very few companies will a manager tap you on the shoulder and transform you into a telecommuter. In most cases, you’ll have to take the initiative and present a compelling argument on your own behalf.  That’s the bad news. The good news is that the climate is improving, especially in small and large companies, which are more likely to be fully computerized and where managers are more likely to manage by results than by walking the shop floor. And in many companies, managers themselves are considered the best telecommuters. According to small business idea generator, some of the best new business opportunities are telecommuting-based.

In all, the widespread use of computers at all levels of business and the increasing use of computers to send information and mail between remote offices and headquarters point to a steady upward trend for telecommuting programs. Read the rest of this entry »