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    Hangzhou CNCR-IT CO., LTD. (Stock Code 300250) was founded in Dec, 1999. Always working on creating a simple, efficient and easy information access solution to the customers. The company's main business is the design of information access solution, R&D, production and sales of the corresponding equipments. The main products sold abroad include four categories: EOC, Mesh Router, SD-WAN gateway, Microwave RF Passive Components. In domestic market, customers are mainly China mobile, China Unicom, China Telecom, Cable operators, Governments and enterprises, etc.

    CNCR is a high-tech enterprise, zhejiang province and hangzhou city high-tech enterprise research and development center. In August 2011, our company went public and became the first listed company in China whose main business is information access equipment manufacturing.

    Simple data access and collection, efficient data mining and analysis, easy and convenient data application are the direction of the company's future development. Through the effective resource integration with each subsidiary company, the company will grasp the great opportunity of the development of the industry, continue to forge ahead, to ensure the sustainable, healthy and stable development of the company, and to achieve win-win results for shareholders, the company, customers and employees.

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